10 reasons we love our caravan

cytotec for sale Forget the stereotypes, caravanning is cool.

buy Pregabalin online And I’m pretty sure any caravan owner will tell you the same.

Steubenville There are so few limits to where you can go, and the excitement of being away from home and planning your next adventure is a true measure of happiness.

I’m certain there are loads of wannabe caravanners out there, mulling over those caravan stereotypes and wondering if they should go for it and buy a van. Admittedly there’s a fair bit to think about.

So here are our top ten reasons to buy a caravan.


1. The kids love it

And I mean they REALLY love it.

They never fail to get excited about a trip away and they always protest when it’s time to come home.

They’re always filthy, but they explore, run free and bike ride until their arms and legs ache. The sense of freedom they experience is special.

They mix with other kids in a matter of minutes, van mates we call them.


2. Freedom

It’s liberating to look at a map and check out where we’ve not been and decide where we’d like to go.

The UK is full of special places, from mountains, beaches and cities, but we had barely scratched the surface until we got our van. There’s always somewhere new, and we have loads of places left on our ‘must do’ travel list.

Plus, caravans are warm and cosy these days, so we can travel any time of year.


3. Chill out

So I pack up our little home on wheels when I want to, and decide what to take without much hesitation. No 10kg suitcase restrictions here!

We can take everything we love, including bikes, BBQ, books, cuddly toys anyone?!

And the bathroom is clean and we are the only people that have used the duvet.


4. The Dog can come.

If he isn’t on holiday with us we miss him, and here’s the proof he doesn’t want to get left behind.


5. Staycation

And we all know that means sunshine, ice creams, beach huts….

Okay, before you ask me what bubble I’m living in, I am all over the glorious British weather.  The answer is to be well equipped with warm clothes, waterproofs, and what’s to stop you? Plus the UK is well set up with loads of indoors attractions and activities to take your fancy.


6. Being together

It’s hard to imagine us being in such a small space, but somehow it works.

Time stands still and we all slow down and enjoy the simple stuff. We talk and we laugh a lot, making memories that stay with us.


7. Easy on the pocket.

And that means we go on holiday for longer and more often.

Admittedly buying our caravan wasn’t cheap, but we decided to spend some money on making us happy and once you’ve had a few trips that only cost £20 per night, you’ll soon be smiling.


8. Boost the UK economy

This one makes me feel good. Staycationing means we spend our money in the UK.

We love places that are a bit different, independents, quirky shops and foodie restaurants, spending money here feels right.


9. Eating (and drinking) outdoors

There’s something really nice about simple pleasures. Cooking outdoors and then eating outdoors is really good fun.

We like to buy local food (wherever we are) and cooking something up is a treat.


10. On trend

It seems we’re not the only ones loving our caravan.

A bit of Googling has revealed around 22,000 vans were sold in the UK in 2017, a rise of 7% on the previous year. The increase is echoed across the entire leisure vehicle market (which also includes motorhomes and static caravans), this rose by 9% to more than 56,000.

‘Staycationing’ would seem an obvious explanation. For us it’s a desire to explore and go on holiday more frequently, fitting in shorter breaks as often as we can.

So, over to you… why do you love your caravan?



Curious Campers is for families that love their caravan, just like us.

We hope to champion caravanning and shine a spotlight on beautiful and unusual places that we find fascinating and fun, sharing tips and inspiration along the way.

So when we go somewhere a bit special or find something we like, we write about it, because we want to share that joy with other people, just like you.


We are a family of four, travelling around the UK in our caravan. Seeking hidden gems and special places. Learning to be more eco-conscious along the way.

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