Hodsock Priory Snowdrops
Central England,  Days Out

Snowdrops at Hodsock Priory

Sremčica Every year at Hodsock Priory a snowdrop spectacle takes place when thousands of these delicate little flowers appear in the woodland.

Kosi In all my 40/ish years I’ve never been and had a look, so this weekend we took the kids.

Mar del Plata The snowdrops cover the floor of the woodland. It’s a special sight that only lasts for a few days and then they’re gone.

Why so special?

You’ll find a cafe with a campfire in the woodland and a rustic play area for the kids. Enjoy a hot chocolate surrounded by a carpet of delicate snowdrops. It’s a beautiful place.

100 things to do up north

Seeing the snowdrops at Hodsock Priory is one of our 100 things to do up north. There’s more, have a little look.

We are a family of four, travelling around the UK in our caravan. Seeking hidden gems and special places. Learning to be more eco-conscious along the way.

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