Tropical Butterfly House play park
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A family day out at The Tropical Butterfly House in Sheffield

buy Lyrica 75 mg online When its February half-term and the temperature is a toasty 14 degrees, we were all in favour of a family day out at the Tropical Butterfly House near Sheffield.

cheap Neurontin Nestled in the green fields where North Nottinghamshire meets South Yorkshire, the family owned and run Tropical Butterfly House is a sanctuary for all kinds of animals and insects. The wildlife centre is committed to helping the world’s endangered animals, including species found here in the UK.

buy provigil online reviews And the latest addition to the family is causing quite a stir. He’s none other than a 19-year-old Linnaeus’s two-toed sloth, affectionately named Vincent van Sloth.


Things to do at The Tropical Butterfly House


Outdoor play

After spending approximately 30 seconds in the car the kids (as always) are keen for a runaround, so we headed straight to one of the numerous play areas to burn off some energy.

There’s a play park to suit every age and every taste at the Tropical Butterfly House. Sandpits, zip wires, bicycles, table football, hammocks, compressed air ball shooters and more. We had a hard time luring the kids away to discover the animals.

Butterfly House

The tropical conditions in the Butterfly House make it a perfect place for creepy crawlies and various winged creatures. Butterflies, busy ants, turtles and noisy parrots to name a few of the creatures we spotted.



Also living in the Butterfly House is Vincent van Sloth.

When curled up he curiously resembles a giant wig nestled in the branches. When he’s on the move (if you are lucky enough to see him shift) he dangles gloriously from the roof, attached by the claws of his large toes, and makes his way slowly and silently. He is fascinating and very cute in equal measures.

Vincent slowly glided overhead and we chuckled at the cries from excited onlookers of ‘What if he poos on us?’.

So here is my interesting fact of the day. Vincent may be slow, but he’s also rather civilised. Roughly once a week he makes his way to the ground to do his errr ‘business’. So no need to fear the worst as he dangles overhead.



Falconry displays, naughty cockatoos and clever rats all take part in the daily demonstrations.

And in the Lima enclosure kids get a chance to handle various creatures whilst learning all about them, followed by experiencing the Lima walkthrough.


Getting close to the friendly animals is widely encouraged and our children loved it.


Walking with dinosaurs

We learnt all about these colossal creatures from many moons ago.

Top tip

Pack warm/wet weather clothes, as much of the site is outdoors. It would be a shame for a bit of wet weather to spoil the fun.


Why so special?

We thoroughly enjoyed our family day out at the Tropical Butterfly House. The variety of attractions at the wildlife centre is really impressive and it’s a great place to experience all kinds of animal encounters.

There’s so much to do. The new play parks are great for kids of all ages and the demonstrations are a lot of fun.

But without doubt, you will fall in love with the latest addition to the family, Vincent van Sloth, he’s mesmerising (if a little slow).


Tropical Butterfly House

Woodsetts Road, North Anston, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S25 4EQ

01909 569 416


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