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Curious Campers Rocks – a beginners guide to rock painting

We love spending a few hours rock painting and since we discovered rock painting pens the whole thing has become sooo much more satisfying.



We’re leaving our rocks at special places that we visit (places we really love). The idea is that whoever finds a rock will take it and rehide it, at a place that they think is great. Simple really.

We hope it will shine a spotlight on a few fabulous locations that we have right across the UK.


criminally Beginners guide to rock painting

For those of you that would like to paint a few rocks for yourself, it’s pretty simple (or at least the ones that we paint are).


You can find rocks just about anywhere. We dug a few holes in the garden to start us off, then we spotted a few muddy paths closeby and we collected a bucket full in no time at all.

When it comes to deciding which ones to paint, well that is entirely up to you. You’ll get a feel for what you like, so go with it.


Once you’ve collected the rocks you’ll need to give them a good clean.

Knock away any big lumps of dirt. Next soak them in warm soapy water for a few minutes, then scrub away the dirt.

Pat dry with a towel and let them air dry before painting.

Paints & brushes

The best paint for rocks is definitely acrylic paint. It coats really well and the colours tend to be vibrant.

We headed to our local The Works and got a big pack of acrylic paints for only a few pounds.

We opted for a variety pack of brushes that have worked a treat, but make sure there is a fine, medium and broader tip as you’ll make good use of these.

We’ve also bought a pack of Posca rock painting pens and these are fantastic. They made it a whole lot more fun.


To make sure your finished rocks stay looking good, give them a spray with a clear acrylic lacquer spray.

Now go for it and paint…..!


Here’s how we painted our rocks

Step #1 – paint a white background on which to paint – in the shape of your caravan.


Step #2 – Paint a door

Step #3 – Chose a colour for your caravan and paint the body colour.

Step #4 – Using the Posca Pens draw an outline around the caravan and add various details.


Step #5 – Photo. Post. Rehide.

So if you find one of these little beauties, here’s what to do:


Take a photo of yourself and the stone.

buy ivermectin canada Post

Share your image and post #CuriousCampersRocks to our social sites; Twitter @Curious_Campers, Facebook @weloveourcaravan


Hold on to the rock and rehide it when you next visit a place that you love, so the next person that comes along can find and rehide it.




Curious Campers is for families that love their caravan, just like us.

We hope to champion caravanning and shine a spotlight on beautiful and unusual places that we and our kids find fascinating and fun, sharing tips we’ve discovered along the way.

So when we go somewhere a bit special or find something we like, we write about it, because we want to share that joy with other people, just like you.

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We are a family of four, travelling around the UK in our caravan. Seeking hidden gems and special places. Learning to be more eco-conscious along the way.

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