Curious Campers on Perranporth Beach
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Exploring the UK in our caravan – a blog for families that love caravanning

Hello! We’re the Curious Campers… a family of five; two adults, two kids and our beloved border terrier.

Our family holidays are precious, so we search for places that fill our heads with adventure and our hearts with happiness.

A few years ago we bought a caravan, and it has literally changed our lives.


We love wandering. We’re nosey. We’ve travelled all over the world.

Pre-kids, hubby and I travelled a lot. In our late twenties we quit our jobs and plane, train, bus and ferry hopped for a year, whilst backpacking across the globe. We visited India, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Australia, New Zealand, Bali… I could go on. We lived in the back of a van (and I mean one more closely associated with a builder than a camper), teeny tents, decks of boats, sleeper trains and sleeping bags under the stars. We were happy to lay down our hats almost anywhere and call it home.

But, we’d barely scratched the surface of our beautiful UK.


Having ‘camping’ camped for a number of years, our kit was ready for an upgrade, and we now had a toddler, a baby, and a border terrier to consider.

It was then I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Going away on holidays became tricky, but spending time together as a family became more important to us than ever.

My solution… a caravan. And when my husband rather boldly proclaimed, ‘Over my dead body… we are not having a caravan’, it was obvious what would happen next. We eventually agreed a cosy caravan was just what we needed to keep up with our travels.

So a couple of years ago we splashed out on van #1, a tiny and old 1994 Swift Challenger and straight away we were both hooked. Since then, we’ve upgraded to our family sized Sprite Quattro EW and van #2 is our favourite place to be at weekends and during the school holidays.

Having kids and our caravan has reignited our love of adventure.


Curious Campers is a travel blog for families that love their caravan, just like us.

We are champions of caravanning. We hope to shine a spotlight on beautiful and unusual places that we and our kids find fascinating and fun, sharing tips we’ve discovered along the way.

So when we go somewhere a bit special or find something we like, we write about it, because we want to share that joy with other people, just like you.

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